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Based on your valuable suggestions, we have made a few noteworthy enhancements to the ticketing system in the Web Hosting Control Panel

The updates, both visual and functional, are aimed at making our communication with you a bit more straightforward and interactive.

Here is a quick overview of the new improvements:

So far, the tickets in the Web Hosting Control Panel have had two basic statuses – Open and Closed.

Now each ticket will also be flagged to show if it has been read by you or not.

Tickets that have received a new response will alert you with an orange flag – ‘New Message’.

Those featuring a response from the technical support team, which has been seen by you will be labelled with a green ‘Received Assistance’ flag:

NOTE: When you read a ticket with a new message, the ticket will automatically obtain a ‘Received Assistance’ status, no matter if you have left any comment or not.

The new message alerts will also be visible in the Inbox notification area inside the Control Panel (the header area):

Additionally, if our technicians open a ticket about a very important situation like exceeded resource limits or service violations,

a special ‘Immediate attention required’ message will pop up when you open your Control Panel: